The Qualifications a PC Technician Needs

There are different areas in which you enter in the PC technical world from specialising in common computers to the accessories such as scanners and printers. There are also PC Technicians Qualificationsmany different courses for you to take as the technology is always advancing many technicians also tend to do on the job training to keep up to date with all the new systems that are continually being introduced.

The qualifications you take can start when your as young as 16 years old when doing your GCSE's if you take IT then this will start you off on your way to becoming a technician. However, if you have a fairly good knowledge on computers and how they work you can always start your training at a more advanced stage such as A Levels.

Below is a list of qualifications that you may be required to have in the different areas of PC technician work:

- NCFE qualification ITQ - This is a course that deals with the more general area of IT technical support, so giving you the basics you will require to move further up in the sector, this is classed as a level 2 qualification.
Training To Become A PC Technician- City and Guilds certificate for IT practitioners - This course comes in levels of 1-3 depending on your previous education history, level 1 enables people to learn the basic skills involved in IT with no previous qualifications, going up to the level 3 which is for people with a more advanced background in the IT technical support.
- OCR diploma for IT practitioners - This is for the more advanced IT technician, however, this course is available from a level 1 making it possible for people with no knowledge on the subject to gain the qualifications needed over a period of around 3 years to become an IT technician.

With the other products such as scanners and printers you may encounter in your time as a computer technician, learning how to install them and fix common problems is part of your experience. If needing to install a scanner for a client then ensuring it is fully Becoming A PC Techniciancompatible with their computer is the main thing, different scanners may have different functions but they all tend to have a similar set up process.

There are many types of printers from ones that work directly from the PC to ones that stand independently. One of the most common types of printer to have problems is the ones that are multi functional (can fax and copy as well as print) this is because they have more functions meaning there is more to go wrong, often they are linked to a network as well which means you can have faults with the network connection.

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